#17 Burton Heiss – Buddy’s Pizza, Home of the Detroit Style Pizza

Episode 17 of Everything Borrowed welcomes Burton Heiss, the CEO of Buddy’s Pizza. Burton joined Buddy’s Pizza as CEO in July 2019, with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Andrew and Burton talk about how he is focused on taking the Detroit-based brand outside of Michigan during a pandemic as well as […]

#16 Mark Hackel – People Over Politics

Mark Hackel, County Executive for Macomb County, joins Andrew to talk about a few of the topics we are currently facing on the home front. Mark explains his thoughts and feelings on his job as a politician, the current issues surrounding Covid as well as his belief to focus on the “people and not the […]

#15 Darren McCarty – The Gem of Detroit

Four time Stanley Cup champion, former Red Wings enforcer, host of Grind Time with Darren McCarty podcast and a true Detroit gem, Darren McCarty joins Andrew for episode 15 of Everything Borrowed. Darren is a advocate for the legalization of cannabis which is on a list of things that helped his recovery from alcoholism, along […]

#14 Jason Hundey: The School of Rock – Day 1

Friend, writer, teacher, podcaster and history buff are just a few words to describe today’s guest. Jason Hundey joins Andrew today to discuss the evolution and history of rock and music as a whole. Jason has taught a university-designed Music History course for 10 years, Been one of the hosts of Requiem Metal Podcast for […]

#13 Charles Coristine – Simple, Clean, Lesser Evil

Charles Coristine, President and CEO of LesserEvil Snacks, channels his passions for mindfulness and healthy living into creating snacks. Today Andrew and Charles talk about his journey from a career on Wall Street to shaping of LesserEvil’s core beliefs from not just ingredients but spirit and desire to do better for the world. Charles has […]

#12 Lou Cysewski – Coolperx, Combating Climate Change

Today we get to know the CEO and founder of Coolperx. Lou Cysewski talks with Andrew about sustainable business and how she helps companies combat climate change. Coolperx is the world’s first & only Social Purpose marketing, merchandise, & events agency. They offer unique and impactful corporate marketing, branded merchandising, consulting, and events that are socially and environmentally responsible.

#11 Christopher George – Embracing the Subscription Industry

Our guest today is not only a Detroit Native, the CEO and co-founder of Gentleman’s Box but chairman of (SUBTA), the Subscription Trade Association. Christopher George is sharing his story and success in the thriving subscription industry and how businesses unwilling to pivot will be left in the dust. Chris has successfully launched and managed 7 businesses, so he’s no rookie in the game!

#10 Spike Cohen – Three’s a Party

Spike Cohen was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for vice president during the 2020 election, running along side Jo Jorgensen. The Libertarian may not have won the 2020 election but that does not mean they are going to just give up on trying. Andrew and Spike talk about a great deal of topics from free markets, […]

#9 Adam Mark Smith – The Million Dollar Cup of Water

Adam Smith went from being a CFO to being on food stamps after protesting at a Chick-fil-A. The viral video cost him his career, reputation and sense of self. Author of Million Dollar Cup of water. Adam Mark Smith shares his personal journey from rags to riches, back to rags, and eventually to true wealth. Adam Smith is an executive, author, motivational speaker, corporate workshop facilitator, and mindfulness-based coach. He is also a husband and father of four boys. Adam and Andrew discuss cancel culture, redemption, and mindful entrepreneurship.

#8 Grace Keros – The Queen of Coneys

Outspoken owner of American Coney Island, one of the oldest continuously family-owned restaurants in Detroit, discusses the difference between a Coney Dog and Coney Island and how this 100 year old company has survived it all.